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Unfinished business of inspiration [May. 6th, 2007|03:52 pm]
Graphics by palest_sepia


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Ian James Cox

He's not finished with his "reboot"!! I love it. A placeholder or work in progress ? Is this 75% of his header, is it a sketch of an idea of what his new site will look like or...?

Of course, sometime in June he will be completing his site, so this is a time sensitive post.

Again, this seems to be in keeping with the rest of most of the latest designs- a faded, decontructed look, some minimalism, and some meta about process here.

I would look for some more meta about graphics process, and even more come around later in 2007 about the process of the business the site they design for. The design itself will somehow convey the process of music or plumbing or architecture. Look for some behind the scenes designs from now on.