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Another site for inspiration and trends [May. 3rd, 2007|10:10 pm]
Graphics by palest_sepia


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Electric Pulp

This an extremely attractive web design showcase.
It gives a little designyness, a little business marketplaceyness.

The balance can say to everyone who visits, we can go designy, we can go very practical.

The "trends" seen here...
1. Minimalisation but use of texture, and distressed/ used up look.
2. Woodgrain, but here really well done.
3. Some nice hold overs from 2004-2006 styles.
4. It's very 2007-- and might look fresh into 2008.
5. Some of what they design uses the whole "big look" I see used a lot. Big images, big letters etc.

So the moral of the story, is ..why not pick what you like of styles from 2004-2006, mix them up, and see if you can get a balance between "haute design" and "practical commercial design". Might be a fairly excellent design, too!